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Don't kiss the beastly ass!!!
     Gioia in Capri!!!
Triangular prism
Air Of Joy
Gioia Gozzo,  A Christian Visionary
Gioia in Italy with her Zia Liti.
     Gioia in Venice!!!
When in Meran!!!
.When in Rome!!!  
Gioia's in Rome with her parents!!!          
Gioia stepping on the Beastly ....., 
Gioia in Venice!!!
Yang but no Ying!!!
Gioia in Logo di Garda!!!
Gioia in Fort Lauderdale!!!
Gioia in Cozumel!!!
Gioia in the Bahamas!!! 
Gioia at the Monmouth Battlefield!!!
   Gioia's hometown
Gioia at the ball!!!
When in Merano!!!
Gioia in Milan!!!