When I was an eight year old child my parents took me to 
  Sicily in Italy to meet my grandfather and the only game I was 
  permitted to bring was my Tweedy Bird coloring book and a sketch 
  pad.  I was sitting at my grandfather's dining room table coloring
  tweedy bird with a yellow crayon in hand thinking yellow bird, 
  yellow bird, yellow bird.  Suddenly, I had a flash back memory of 
  being in an ancient court room screaming yellow bird, yellow bird 
  and witch.  I know I was a child because I can see my small feet 
  (shoes) with a black skirt and a white apron. I see a brown bench to 
  the right of me as I'm walking into a booth.  I sense other little 
  girls walking in front of me and behind me.  I don't know who they 
  are and I can't see their faces but I know they're there and they 
  came to sit next to me.  I see my little hand pointing to the ceiling 
  which had wooden beams (like in an attic) as I'm screaming 
  yellow bird, yellow bird and witch.  I then remember drawing a 
  picture of a yellow bird in which I showed my father.  He told me I 
  traced it because he wasn't convinced I could draw what I drew.  
  Upset, I ran into my grandfather's bedroom crying.  My Nonno 
  was sitting up in bed, smoking a cigarette when he was dying of 
  lung cancer.  I went over to his back dresser and began to doodle on  
  my drawing.  He told me to bring him my drawing so I walked over
  to his bed and handed him my drawing of a yellow bird.  As he
  gazed at my drawing I became distracted by his family portraits
  hanging behind his bed.  He noticed my distraction and asked me if
  I knew who the Gozzo's once were but that is a story in itself, (Sai
  coz eranno i Gozzi?  Cera una volta.)  At that moment my father
  entered the bedroom to yell at my grandfather for smoking but he
  didn't want to carry on with me in the room so he ordered me to go
  outside to play with my sister and brother.  My grandfather handed

  me my drawing of a yellow bird and told me that I traced it because
  he didn't believe I could have drawn it.  I spun around with a pout on

  my face and ran out to the front of my grandfather's house where he
  owned a little coffee shop.  I stood in the doorway as I noticed my 
  siblings were not playing in the front of the house and I noticed a  

  strange man sitting at one of the outside tables drinking an espresso.

  He looked straight at me and said, "You drew it, you did not trace it."

  Strange because:  1. He spoke English instead of Italian and 
  2. He could not have heard this conversation between my father, 
  grandfather and myself,  for we were deep in the house.  Not to
  mention, he had not seen my drawing of a yellow bird.  I ran to the

  backyard where I found my sister and brother playing as I hoped the

  man would go away.  The crazy thing is I can't draw.
  I figure if John the Baptist was Elijah, then you have nothing 
  more than reincarnation on your hands.  "The disciples asked him, 
  "Why do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?"  He said in 
  reply, "Elijah will indeed come and restore all things; but, I tell 
  you that Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him 
  but did to him whatever they pleased.  So also will the Son of Man 
  suffer at their hands.  Then the disciples understood that he was 
  speaking to them of John the Baptist."  Matthew 17:10-13  There, 
  scripture proved reincarnation is true.  If John the Baptist was 
  Elijah, then you have nothing more than reincarnation on your 
  hands.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a true Christian but the kind of 
  Christian that believes both in reincarnation and the resurrection of 
  the body with life everlasting.  I believe we are reincarnated until 
  the end of time when we are granted immortality or part take in 
  the resurrected few because everyone has an eternal soul. 
  Whether or not you live forever in paradise or hell is a story in itself.
  Scripture states that most people go to hell.  "They come like the 
  sands of the sea for they have been deceived."  "The lack of
  knowledge curses the soul for they know not what they do."  "They
  perceive evil for good and good  for evil."  Could it be the social
  security number?  That would send most people to hell.  I can see
  most people asking God why he sent them to hell and his reply will
  be because you had a social security number, you were a beast
  benefactor.  Something everybody does that they think is good. 
  How many grains in just one hand full of sand?  That would be a lot
  of souls!!!  Anyhow, I grew up not knowing what my experience
  meant about the yellow bird until I reached Brookdale Community
  College.  I took a course on American History where I learned about
  the Puritans and felt a need to scream in their defense when my
  teacher mocked them.  I found a book in the library about the
  Puritans but I returned it before I found the time to read it.  Then I
  checked the book out again some time later when the clerk at the
  counter noticed that I had checked out that book a year prior on the
  exact same date, like it was calling me and yet I don't remember
  what that date was.  No one had checked the book out in between.
  Again, I returned the book before I found time to read it, just a lot on   
  my plate with tests and all from that time period.  None of it really 
  hit me until I watched a documentary on the Salem Witch trials
  from the history channel about five years back.  I learned that the
  witch hunt begun with two little girls.  Interesting, because in my
  vision I see myself as a child.  Therefore, I began to shake all the
  more when the documentary showed the little girls screaming
  yellow bird, yellow bird and witch.  Remember my memory was
  activated when I was coloring tweedy bird who is nothing more
  than a yellow bird.  All the more interesting; I was an accuser not an
  accused.  Besides having dreams that come true, this is my roots to
  the metaphysical world.  Today, I think witchcraft is silly.  Have you

 ever read a book on witchcraft?  Take a coin and bury it to the right 

 side of your front door, water it daily and your money will grow. 

 Silly, totally silly!!!  

 And to think that people were burned at the stake for this?   

No longer do we have to be afraid of all that is not tangible.  In 
  the new age; Christ the son of God shall bring us water for eternal 
  life.   "Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again; but 
  whoever drinks the water I shall give will never thirst; the water I 
  shall give will become in him a spring of water welling up to 
  eternal life."  (John 4:14)  Wouldn't you love to swim in this water?         
  I inform people of many different concepts and ideas. 
People need someplace where they can freely ask questions 
  and not be recorded like in a psychiatrist office.  (By the way I have 
  a degree in psychology and I'm certified to teach it as well)  I know 
  how to listen and put people back together again.  As America falls
  apart, they will remember they are who they were then.  Even those
  who tell me they do not believe are nothing more than curious
  buggers' soul searching like everyone else.  These are the people who
  come back for more because they want all their questions answered. 
  I went to church every Sunday for 11 years straight and was 
  involved with the Legions of Mary, but I recently learned that God 
  is the word and the word is God.  Today, I seek Christ from the 
  depths within. 
I have a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Elementary 
  Education and I'm certified to teach Italian as well as psychology 
  and elementary education.  I've worked as a basic skills teacher, 
  second grade teacher and even taught high school Italian.  One 
  night as I laid in bed I concluded that public schools are "much to 
  do about nothing."  Nothing, I tell you!  Nothing!!!  They carry on 
  and on about an over written curriculum.  Meetings upon 
  meetings.  All about who has the power.  Who is going to show up 
  who and who is cunning enough to destroy who.  Sick, it made me 
  sick.  I finally realized that teachers are nothing more than a 
  bunch of glorified babysitters and I wanted to be a school teacher.  
  It is my firm belief that everyone needs to be set free.  The teacher 
  as well as the student and parent.  A world with no public schools.  
  Where the teacher owns their own classroom and the parent pays 
  the teacher directly.  If the parent doesn't like the teacher they 
  just move onto another teacher like it's no big deal.  If the student 
  creates to many distractions in the classroom the teacher just tells 
  the parent to send their child elsewhere.  Where the end of the year 
  state exam grade holds far greater value than the class grade.  The 
  student either has the skill or he doesn't.  Instead, most students
  hide behind a political grading system.  Hey, if you like the 
  standard classroom setup it can be done in private schools as well; 
  but for me the best way to go is the one on one teaching.  These days
  it's litigation of the grade.   Politic's needs to butt out of the
  classroom and they need to butt out of peoples lives.  Schools today 
  are designed to humiliate both teacher and student into a molded 
  disposition.  These spineless individuals prevail.  The world's
  greatest kiss ass moves up in life.  The system has to much power
  and in my opinion it is tyranny.  
  My dream is to create sacred space in magnificent 
  gardens where people can come and pray.  Today I believe God

  pushed me out of the teaching industry to fufill my dream because 

  people need sacred space to find God's guidence.  I had two
  different psychics tell me that I inherited healing powers so I
  became a certified ordained Minister of the Melchizedek Cloister
  Emerald Order.    
Inherited, such an interesting statement because there is an old
  legend in my family that my ancestors' escaped Napoleon's army in
  1798 from Gozo, Malta.  They were important enough to change their
  last name in fear of discovery but we don't know what their last
  name was.  Nobody  remembers.  They adopted the name Gozzo
  derived from the island Gozo where they once lived.  The one z
  turned into two z because the Italians put a double emphasis on
  their z like in pizza.  The legend states that there were three brothers
  and a sister who escaped Napoleon's army in a boat from the Gozo
  Island and landed in Sicily with three trunks filled with gold.  Don't
  ask me where the gold is today because I don't know.  What I do
  know is that the three trunks filled with gold didn't compare to the
  wealth they left behind.  I know my ancestors' were important yet I
  don't clearly know who they were.  I have since learned that Gozo,
  Malta was the island St. Paul landed on and became the first lawful 
  Christian nation.  I believe they knew well about the inner Christ.  
  This is what my grandfather may of been trying to tell me except 
  my aunt (Zia Liti) told me better.  My Zia Liti wanted me to be a 
  school teacher as she was but I held an interest in the 
  metaphysical since childhood.  She and my mother have 
  repeatedly thrown away my tarot cards since my youth and I 
  would keep buying a new pack.  Yes Mummy, I'm a visionary.  No, 
  I'm not crazy, I'm just a visionary.  I have had visions since I was a 
  child and as for my dream state; well let's just say they've come
In addition to my professional experience as a teacher, I have 
  had extensive training in acting, singing and the performing arts
  while attending Juilliard at Night, Westminster Conservatory, New 
  Actors Workshop, Lee Strasberg Institute and the American 
  Academy of Dramatic Arts.  I've attended classes with Mike 
  Nichols and Paul Sills, performed in front of live audiences, 
  engaged in improvisational scenes and showcases and appeared as 
  an extra in the film titled Miracle on 34th Street.
  You must admit, I entertained you and I'm certainly original.  
  I even find my name to be interesting.  Gioia Gozzo: Gioia means 
  joy in Italian and Gozo means joy in Spanish and Latin, which 
  means that my name means joy, joy.  I'm a double joy at heart.  
  Lift me up off the ground and I shall fly with all the yellow birds in 
  the sky. 
They created me.
Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?  I think he forgot to come.
           Romeo appears to have no 
                 body, he must be the 
                          Holy Ghost!!!
  When I was a little girl I thought                   the world was kind.
I can do it myself!!!
  I had red hair until I was four.
  Yes, I was baptized.
Why is my mother wearing curlers
            at this family party?
Mummy & Papa still in love after 
so many years, renewing their vows with my favorite priest.  Father Valentine.
Nuccia & Michele still feeding the family.
     Daddy's little girl.
 Still Daddy's little girl.
        Italy, 2006
        My favorite childhood doll.  
            Those were the days.
Do you think I look like my mother?
  My Zia Liti and myself 
  in Venice, Italy.   
Masked people haunt me.
My favorite president.  Why, because he believed in Free land and no property tax.   They don't teach that America began with white slaves because they use an unethical control tactic to impose an over burden tax.  The Jews weigh heavy burdens on the peoples shoulders.  They don't teach that George fought the American Revolution to set white people free of slavery. They don't teach that Old George wasn't seen in a Masonic Lodge for the last thirty years of his life.  Maybe he was trying to set them straight.   George Washington stated that the ambitious man was his enemy.  Old George  also stated that he had many enemies which reminds me of Yahweh the Christ who told us to remember that they hated him first.        
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